Racial Abuse in Soccer

Say No to Racism
Soccer, often referred to as a "beautiful game", brings people together from diverse backgrounds to celebrate their shared passion in it. However, it isn't perfect. Racism has plagued the sport for decades and we, as a community, hasn't been able to find a solution to get rid of it. It comes after a not up-to-par performance, most notably if they miss a crucial shot to help their team win. Another instance of racism occuring in soccer is when players of color enter another team's stadium to play a game. They are targeted if they are playing poorly or if they are playing well, as fans will try to do anything to get under the skin of opposing players. Racial slurs, insults, making offensive gestures, or being discriminatory during matches or online are examples of what fans do to hurt players emotionally. It's very important of all players, coaches, and fans to stand against racism and to work together to create a more safe environment in soccer and in society as a whole.